Pneumatika. SERVICES

Engineering / Design, equipment installation, compressed air…
Pneumatics KV is your reliable partner for all things related to compressed air, design and installation of equipment in industrial processes, overhaul and installation, as well as manufacturing.

We have distinguished ourselves in the design and manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners for waste cleaning and scissor lift platforms. Our products are high-quality and sustainable, providing you with efficient solutions for your industrial needs. Our engineers and technicians work together with you to ensure that the engineering / design and manufacturing are exactly as you have envisioned.

Our engineers and technicians are not just experts in servicing pneumatic and hydraulic components. We are also key partners in the design and installation of complete equipment for industrial processes. Our ability to fully “set up” a factory or facility, with a focus on efficiency and optimal performance, makes us leaders in this field.

Overhaul and Installation
In addition to designing and installing equipment, we also offer overhaul and installation services for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, power units, and hydraulic pumps. Our team of experts guarantees high-quality and reliable installation, ensuring that your equipment operates in the best possible condition.


We design and implement precisely tailored pneumatic and hydraulic components for maximum efficiency of your equipment. Our approach ensures reliable and long-lasting operation of your machines.


Our repair service includes detailed diagnostics and the restoration of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, guaranteeing renewed performance and reliability.


We create advanced pneumatic and hydraulic systems designed to advance your business operations, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.


We respond quickly to all emergency situations, with a team ready to intervene 24/7, ensuring that your equipment is quickly returned to function.


We provide complete maintenance and supervisory services to ensure uninterrupted operation of your systems, reduce downtime, and optimize productivity.


We offer support for your staff to maximize the capacity of your pneumatic and hydraulic systems, enhancing competencies and efficiency.