Pneumatic Components

Basic Information

  • We are engaged in the production of pneumatic cylinders and all pneumatic components, such as:
  • pneumatic distributors
  • pneumatic pumps
  • all types of fittings and other elements
  • We produce pneumatic cylinders of diameters: ø 20, ø 25, ø32, ø40, ø50, ø63, ø80, ø100, ø125 with strokes.

We also produce pneumatic cylinders with a magnetic piston according to ISO standards. And without a magnetic piston. We offer electro-magnetic and manual pneumatic distributors of various sizes, NO 4, NO 7, NO 12,…

We also offer preparation groups for pressure regulation and air regulation of various sizes such as: R 1/4, R 1/8, R 1/2, R 1.

Pneumatic Components

Pneumatic collectors: We produce complete pneumatic collectors, shut-off valves, pneumatic flap valves of various sizes according to your requirements.

We also do complete distribution of compressed air with PHD pipes (plastic) according to your industrial facilities and other objects.