Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Design and Manufacturing


We design and manufacture industrial vacuum cleaners according to customer needs, most often ranging from 2.2 kW to 22 kW. However, we are here for all your specific requirements. Industrial vacuum cleaners are made of stainless steel or black sheet metal! – The purpose of the industrial vacuum cleaner is to clean industrial dust in plants, such as dust from animal feed, lime, cement, industrial floor dust, cleaning of metal shavings, and other impurities.


  • It has an automatic pneumatic shaking feature, and it is equipped with a side-channel blower.
  • It is a mobile and versatile vacuum cleaner for industry use. The dirt container can range from 60 liters to 450 liters, is easily detachable, and can be transported on its own wheels.
  • The industrial vacuum cleaner is significantly better than the professional one. It has a longer lifespan than a professional vacuum cleaner and is more efficient.

Our professional team is here to design and implement a solution tailored for you and your specific needs, in consultation with you.

Basic Information

  • It is a mobile and versatile vacuum cleaner suitable for industry. The dirt container has a capacity of 100 liters, is easily detachable, and can be transported on its own wheels.
  • The vacuum cleaner has an easily replaceable filter cartridge.
  • It features built-in automatic-pneumatic filter shaking, which additionally prolongs the filter’s life.
  • The hose with a diameter of Ø50 is 5-10m in length, thus allowing for great autonomy.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The industrial vacuum cleaner has a vacuum pump (blower) with a side channel enabling continuous operation over a long period with high support and flow rate.

The difference between industrial and professional vacuum cleaners is that professional vacuum cleaners have a shorter lifespan and reduced flow, which is not the case with industrial vacuum cleaners.

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